Welcome to SilverStripe! This is the default homepage. You can edit this page by opening the CMS. You can now access the developer documentation, or begin the tutorials.

...and, Welcome to Cloudy!

This is an introduction for you to get started with Silverstripe theming, and the Cloudy theme.
If you don't need this, feel free to get rid off all preview files right away!

Delete preview files

Cloudy is built out-of-the box to support several color schemes.
Preview the 2 built-in themes here:

Base scheme Green scheme (standard)

Note that the scheme preview only works on this page, as the stylesheets are only changed via Javacript. In order to permanently change the scheme, you need to edit the Page.ss file. See the Readme for more info on this.

Cloudy comes bundled with some example pages of how your page might look like with some content.
These examples are also mobile (as in iPhone) optimized, so feel free to give them a shot there as well!

Page (base) Page (green)

Galery (base) Gallery (green)

Readme to loaded via AJAX.