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Image by Uwe Kils/Wikipedia

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Today we have a plethora of possibilities, but time is scarce.
There is so much great open source software shooting up everywhere.
And, good design takes time.

In this hand-craftet theme for Silverstripe 2.4 and Silverstripe 3, I'm combining these factors. The outcome is a simple, easy-to use, but yet multi faceted theme. The Cloudy theme is inspired by, and borrows some of the code from the great Twitter Bootstrap 2 framework. Thank you @mdo, and @fat, and everyone @twitter!
And, thank you of course, everyone @silverstripe for providing the world with such a great product. I'm enjoying it every day.

A special dedication goes to all my great colleagues @cphcloud. The title is for you, and I'll also provide a CPH Cloud-colored color scheme ;).

Anselm Christophersen (@anselmdk), February 2012


  • Works right out-of-the box in both SS3 and SS2.4.
  • Very easy to customize as it includes different color schemes. Furthermore, Cloudy uses the Compass/SCSS preprocessor, so color variables can easily be altered.
    The CSS is still editable without having Compass installed!
  • Language-select dropdown for multi-language sites, as well as a top menu for logged in users.
  • Features as the top menu, the quotes, and the social buttons are easy to disable.
  • Responsive CSS allows specific layout for small screens, mobile and tablet devices.


  • All Twitter Bootstrap 2's widgets, for easily adding advanced buttons, tab navigations, modal boxes, tooltips, and image carousels. If you don't need this, you can easily opt for the small footprint javascript version.
  • Open source icon font Websymbols, allows to easily change icons like the Cloud icon, and to add additional social media and top menu icons.
  • Uses no images beyond that! All graphic effects are CSS3. Falback is provided by Compass's legacy feature.
  • 2 example pages. Use these to get get a head-start with content setup!


  • Works well on all modern browsers and works on IE7/8 as good as it can get.
  • Mostly follows code practices set out in Silverstripe Ltd.'s modules and previous themes.
  • Includes sub themes for blog & forum, and is easy to extend with additional sub themes.